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Red Ribbon Week will be celebrated from October 23rd-27th, 2023! ¡La semana del liston rojo se celebrará del 23 al 27 de Octubre de 2023! Call the main office at 323 846-4860 for any questions or concerns.  Por favor llame a la oficina al 323 846-4860 si tiene preguntas or preocupaciones.
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Habits of Mind

Stick to it! Persevering in task through to completion; remaining focused. Looking for ways to reach your goal when stuck. Not giving up.
Managing Impulsivity
Take your Time! Thinking before acting; remaining calm, thoughtful and deliberate.
Listening with Understanding
Understand Others! Devoting mental energy to another person's thoughts and ideas. Make an effort ti perceive anther's point of view and emotions.
Apply Past Knowledge
Use what you Learn! Accessing prior knowledge; transferring knowledge beyond the situation in which it was learned.
Creating and Innovating
Try a different way! Generating new and novel ideas, fluency, originality.
Remaining Open to Learning
I have so much more to learn! Having humility and pride when admitting we don;'t know; resisting complacency.
Responding with Wonderment
Have fun figuring it out! Finding the world awesome, mysterious and being intrigued with phenomena and beauty.
Thinking Interdependently
Work together! Being able to work in and learn from others in reciprocal situations. Team work.
Finding Humor
Laugh a little! Finding the whimsical, incongruous and unexpected. Bring able to laugh at oneself.
Use your natural pathways! Pay attention to the world around you. Gather data through all the senses; taste, touch, smell, hearing, and sight.